About Us

We strongly believe in the value of great health and mind & body wellness. We also stronlgy believe that everyone should have access to high quality CBD products that anyone can afford without breaking the bank. We choose to price our products to be accessible by all people.

Pure MediCanna CBD was started towards the end of 2016 after our company’s founders (two brothers) experienced first hand the truly magical results of CBD. As one of our founders suffered an athletic injury, he went to a local california dispensary and took a chance on an overly high priced product called CBD. Literally within minutes of applying the CBD topical rub, the pain was virtually absent! After continuing this daily regimen for two weeks, the pain had disappeared and the injury was 90% healed. This baffled the doctors who said his recovery would take anywhere from 5-7 months using prescription medications that have overwhelming immediate and long term negative effects.

They knew they needed to find a cost effective solution they could provide to people in need of this natural healing power but at a much more affordable price. They did just that by traveling to hemp farms in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky to meet with the local farmers. Since then, they have had a direct and deeply rooted partnership with an industrial hemp farm in Southern Colorado which follows organic growing practices and never uses harmful chemicals or pesticides. This rooted partnership allows them to offer their products at an affordable price. Their CBD is extracted from organically grown industrial hemp and their finished products are made all natural with minimal ingredients just as nature intended it to be.

Products we offer and our top sellers

We offer tinctures (under the tongue oil drops) and topicals (salves and creams). All of our products sell equally as well as each other. However, our higher strength products for both the tinctures and the topicals 1000mg and 2000mg) do outsell the lesser concentrated strengths due to the overwhelmingly beneficial results that are experienced.

New products coming

We already have a large range of products which includes 24 different SKU’s to allow something for everybody. We are however always sourcing and researching great new products that are effective in healing our customers. Our customers can expect new products, topicals in particular, to be released later this year.

Why do customers choose your products over your competitors?

Our products are the cleanest on the market. We are the source, so we know exactly how and where our hemp is grown and extracted and by who and when. Every product is third party lab tested, twice, to ensure potency and purity. Also our pricing is extremely competitive making our products some of the lowest costing on the market as that was our goal from day one, well before the rage of CBD became mainstream. 

What types of stores carry your products?

All types of different stores carry our products. They include natural health food stores, doctor’s offices (chiropractors, neuropathy doctors, orthopedic specialists, GP’s), physical therapists, personal trainers/gyms, gift shops, dentists, military surplus retailers, e-commerce retailers, discount stores, mom and pop stores, specialty stores, pharmacies/drug stores, and sporting retailers.

What challenges have you seen recently in your industry and what are you doing to overcome them?

The biggest challenges we have seen has been the massive influx of new CBD companies/sellers/”brands”. It’s almost like everyone is coming out of the woodworks to try and jump on this fast moving train. It’s a challenge because so many of these new, overnight “brands” are flooding the market with inferior, wrongly labeled, and low-quality products. This hurts the industry because a bad product can put a consumer or a retailer off CBD altogether.

To overcome this we make sure we are on the forefront of educating both the end consumer and the retailers. We ensure all of our products labels have a scannable QR code linking directly to our third party lab test results. And finally we build trust with all our customers by being transparent about where our products are made and by using the cleanest, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients without adding any other artificial additives, preservatives, or gimmick style supplements. CBD should be pure and there is no need for other substances to go with it. Customers should be wary of the type of CBD they are using and if the CBD content inside the bottle actually matches what’s on the label.

What advice do you have for customers facing the same challenges?

Know who you’re buying from. Getting educated about the products directly from the company. Make sure they do not private label or white label their products. Be cautious if you can not speak directly to a higher level representative of the supplying company. You will be able to know very quickly whether that company is knowledgeable about CBD. Also, don’t buy in to companies using jargon to sell a product. Their main goal is usually to keep the customers confused and get them to “believe” that what they are selling is a superior product. CBD products should be understandable to every type of customer, from beginners to experienced users, and made as simple as possible.

And finally...

We are more than happy to educate and answer any and all questions or concerns regarding the CBD industry. Education is the biggest hurdle to overcome right now. There is so much misinformation floating around because the industry is so new. It is our goal to provide the most accurate and up to date information for all.



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